Re-Opened for In-Person Visits

  • Beginning in April, 2021, we have re-opened for in-person visits on a limited basis.

  • Telehealth will continue to be available for all clients who choose it.

Like everyone else, I would love to be done with COVID. And it continues to sicken and kill people we know and care about. Please continue to take precautions -- for all of us.

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Keeping Safe with In-Person Visits

As we open, we are taking steps to limit your and our exposure to the new coronavirus. These steps include:

  • Asking our clients who come in to take reasonable precautions, such as

    • Wearing face masks in public areas of the building;

    • Washing hands or using hand sanitizer prior to meetings;

    • Taking temperature prior to meetings; and

    • Maintaining safe physical distance from other people while in the building.

  • Staff taking all the reasonable precautions we are asking of clients;

  • Making the building safer by increasing ventilation and regularly disinfecting surfaces;

  • Using HEPA air filters to continuously clean the air in offices; and

  • Staggering appointments to decrease contact between clients.

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Keeping Safe with In-Person Visits

We expect you to notify us promptly if you have symptoms of the virus or discover that you have been exposed by family, friends, or co-workers testing positive for the virus.  We promise to notify you promptly if staff here have symptoms or exposure.


We will continue to watch for local outbreaks that may affect our ability to keep safe and adjust accordingly.  We will continue to offer telehealth visits for those who need or want them.


Thank you for your patience!

"Plans are worthless, but planning is essential."  - Dwight D. Eisenhower


My specialty is working with people who have overwhelming stress, unresolved trauma, or grief that may be complicated by depression and anxiety. Within an Adlerian framework, I use EMDR, CBT, IFS, and mindfulness methods. I help my clients find tools for current relief and tools they can use going forward. And I help each client uncover their compassionate core self.


Together we create a working environment of acceptance, hope, and healing where insight grows and new options can be explored safely. Call or email today and let's talk about how you can find your path to thriving.

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Holism is usually understood to mean that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". This also means, as Adler pointed out, that the individual has characteristics, goals, and purposes which cannot be understood simply by understanding each part. Just like Holly.